Worlds Colliding


In this picture you see Daphne from the Peloponnese wearing the “Cotton Overall with Stripes” from my collection. Looking at this picture, personally I connect so much beauty to it and it makes me feel the soft blue Mediterranean evening light of that afternoon all over again.

And yet, a few days ago, Daphne had gone through a nightmare and almost lost her family home and fields in the fires that have been raging in Greece. Her home could be saved due to her father’s bravery and the tireless help of farmers driving tractors with water tanks back and forth to extinguish the fires. There was lots of chaos, not enough fire trucks and too little help from the official side. After the fire it took days to get back water and electricity.

I was heartbroken to hear her story and I wish her and her family strength to process the pain and the grief caused by the events of the last week.

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