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Mathujana studies classical Indian dance and is a true Berliner with roots in Sri Lanka. Her look inspired me to take a mental journey to India. Following the remark of the famous fashion icon Diana Vreeland: “The eye has to travel”. In my imagination I embarked on a trip on fabrics, colors, and patterns and I should like to add “…and the mind has to travel as well”! All fine jewelery by Anna B. For inquiries contact:



A Mental Journey To India

Mathujana and I met in a store when I was doing the shopping for a styling job in Berlin.
With her look and poise she stood out from the crowd and I spontaneously decided to ask her if she would model my recent collection. Her exotic appearance inspired me to take a mental journey to India.
In my imagination I embarked on a trip of fabrics, colors  and patterns and to the country of my phantasy.

Hem Lines and Indian Kitchen

As Mathujana has only finished high school her mother came along to the shooting overseeing rigorously the lengths of hemlines and depths of necklines while sharing mouth watering Indian coocking recipes.

Individual Beauty

And although this wasn’t my intention from the start, I am realizing that showing different types of women and beauty in my clothes can be a subversive way of making a statement: diversity in fashion is still an issue. Our society’s perception of “beautiful“ is very narrow and it seems absurd that light hair and fair skin is the esthetic ideal that rules in most parts of the world.
I believe it’s about time to celebrate the individual and not a certain type!










German Translation

Mathujana studiert klassischen indischen Tanz, ist waschechte Berlinerin mit Wurzeln in Sri Lanka. Ihr Look inspirierte mich zu einer gedanklichen Reise nach Indien. In meiner Phantasie begab ich mich auf einen Trip aus Materialien, Farben und Mustern. Frei nach dem berühmten Ausspruch der fashion Ikone Diana Vreeland ” The eye has to travel”; dem möchte ich hinzufügen ” …and the mind has to travel as well”!  Alle Bangels und  Ketten sind von der Schmuckdesignerin Anna B.  Anfragen bitte an

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