Paula Immich Worn By … Composer Aziza Sadikova


Why should I write about my clients? Because they are amazingly interesting. Most of them have a creative mind, a special character or an unconventional job.  So I decided to ask them a fewquestions:

Aziza, you were born in Uzbekistan, studied Music at V. Uspensky Music School and Tashkent Conservatoire, you came to Britain where you received your Bachelor and Masters degree. Since 2008  you are also working  as a composer in contemporary music, theatre and film here in Berlin. Why Berlin? What made you come here?

Compared to London the music scene here is more diverse and vibrant. I am inspired by meeting many young, talented as well as established artists.

Aziza, why music? You have told me you grew up in a very bohemian atmosphere in a family with a grandfather who was a famous composer. Was he a big influence? Did you ever feel pressure to follow up his footsteps?

In my hometown Tashkent a street, the music school and the museum were named after my grandfather. My father was a composer, so I did feel this kind of huge pressure. When I was little I was put into a special music school for gifted children studying the piano. The expectations were very high and frankly it was very hard work. Sometimes even with tears. However at the age of eleven, playing Grieg and Rachmaniov at very high level, I realized that music is my life.


Your work has been performed at various festivals in Europe and Russia, and in Berlin at Berliner Philharmonie and Konzerthaus. What are you working on at the moment?

There are four ongoing projects: I am composing a chamber opera,  a percussion concerto and I am working on music for a documentary film and piano solo work.

„Image plays a huge role nowadays (in the music business.)“

I am curious to know how you go about composing. Where do you take your inspiration from? I mean, do you hear sounds in your head? are you inspired by dynamic, by noise in your everyday life….? 

It can be a painting, a poem or a text, and of course experiences of my own emotional life. Emotion is a main source in my work. And of course noises affect my inner sound world. I put down the ideas graphically or in words and notes directly on paper.

 I wonder if men and women are judged by the same measure and have equal opportunities in the music business? 

Like in most other fields there are still more successful men than women and when you look back at music history male composers were always predominant. For example there were only two women composers in the 19th century , Clara Schumann ( wife of Robert Schumann) and Fanny Mendelssohn, (sister of Felix Mendelssohn).

Is it helpful to be a pretty young thing? 

Yes, of course image plays a huge role nowadays.

Any advice to other women about how to stand ones ground?

Work hard and stay concentrated on your goal.



Aliza Sadikova, thank you for sharing.  

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