Call it the seven-year-itch. Blame it on the change of season, on the man in the moon, on ‘overall feminine fickleness’, or may it be the ever unsatisfied artist in you.

My Personal Experience

At the beginning of this year probably a mix of all the above mentioned made me jump into the adventure of redesigning my website. It has been and still is a period full of challenges and hurdles that come along with acquiring new skills. Without the help and patience of my incredible friend Songül Evren, the fashion designer-entrepreneur-author-and-Word-Press-wizzard from Lesmascarades, I would have gotten completely lost in this process. I would have given up in frustration and my new website would have never seen the light. So this example teaches me how important and how fotunate it is to have someone by your side in times of change – thank you so much Songül!

Look At It On A Deeper Level

The desire for change can be a powerful and sometimes rather disturbing energy when it hits you . From banal acts as buying a new dress to more extreme actions as turning things upside down and overhauling your life, change makes you want to shed old layers of your self, and get rid of habbits and mind-sets of an old version of yourself and turn it into something new. The risk of taking a new path may be at times quite challenging but whatever your story ladies, don’t be afraid of change and keep following your own dreams and desires.

Some More Read On Change

Sometimes a new outfit is enough to help you imagine a different self. In more complex situations deeper insight on what is goig on with you is neccessary. For more serious soul-mining and better understanding of this subject I would like to recommend a book to you by the authors Michael Mary and Henny Nordholt, called „Change, die Lust auf Veränderung“. (Unfortunately so far the book is only available in German).



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