Paula Immich Designs Costumes for BOY For Video ‚Fear‘

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I feel very honored to have been asked to design the outfits for BOY’s new video directed by Joachim Zunke. Lucia Glass, the choreographer of the video and I had worked together before and it was her who introduced me to Valeska and Sonja. For the video we were working in an incredibly tight schedule: I was travelling back and forth between Berlin and Hamburg taking measurments , discussing the outfits, sourcing material and constructing the patterns, while Valeska, Sonja and Lucia were rehersing the choreography, scouting locations, meeting with the director and playing festivals in between. On the last day of the fitting we decided to shorten parts of the tresses of hair on Sonja’s overall which we did outside the studio in between rehersals. Also there still needed to be some alterations done, so I rang up my dear  friend and product designer Lisa Blum-Minkel and rushed over to her atelier for last minute changes.
In their song Valeska sings about fear. Hardly no other feeling is as strong and determined as fear. It can encourage you to your maximum – or stifle you. It is for sure a big influencer in our decisions and in our life.


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