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Summer is short! And on top, this one here in Germany is turning into an on/off-affair: long days of rain taking turns with days of heat and glorious sunshine. Get the most out of these days and wear shorts! Because what else feels more summery and luxurious on your legs than the warmth of the sun and an occasional summer breeze? 


Der diesjährige Sommer in Berlin entwickelt sich gerade zu einer launigen On/Off-Affäre mit seinen kapriziösen Wetterumschwüngen. Geniesst die schönen Tage also so gut ihr könnt und tragt Shorts! Denn was gibt es herrlicheres als die Sonne auf der Haut zu spüren und hin und wieder eine leichte Sommerbriese, die um die Beine streicht, wie eine schmeichelnde Katze.


Living The Dream

I met Melina on my first trip to Greece. At the time she was managing a small boutique hotel on the Peloponnese. With her outgoing and lively personality she made me immediately feel at home and I have returned ever since.This is Melina’s story:


Melina from „BeMelinasGuest“


Paula: Melina, you grew up in Montreal, Canada and lived most of your life in North America and Western Europe. A few years ago you traded city life to live by the Mediterranean seaside in Gythio, a small picturesque town in the southern Peloponnese in Greece.

Gytheo with its neoclassical houses and harbor

Melina: Yes, until a few years ago, I was the epitome of a city girl; born and bred with public transportation and all conveniences on hand; in the heart of the hustle and bustle of places with populations exceeding those of some small countries. “Nature” was confined to public parks and “weekend getaways” in the countryside.
Here in Gythio only a herd of wayward goats may disturb my morning commute rather than bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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