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so here we are: it’s March and we are restricted to the walls of our homes our new defacto offices, our playground, the gym and all else. The sound of the city has eerily turned silent and on the rare occasions that one ventures outside to fetch somegroceries a surreal feeling creeps over oneself.

A mere few weeks ago my world was bathed in the glorious sunshine of the Greek Spring where I spent most of February. The air smelled of sage and the warmth of the sun was sweet on my back.

There was the endless space of the Mediterranean Sea and the vast blue sky above that never fails to lift up one’s spirit and expand one’s soul.

A world apart compared to Berlin. Even in normal times.

In these strange times where we feel locked up; gripped by worries and the future looks bleak, keep on dreaming! Let your mind roam beyond your homeofficeplaygroundgym. When if not now, is the time to look at the world and your life from a new perspective? Think the impossible, the unreasonable – why not dare be utopian for a moment! Make plans for the future and don’t get dragged down: our minds are strong. Take good care of yourself, your family, friends and your neighbors.


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